Living the moustached dream.

A celebratory revival of facial hair grooming and comradery.

Unlike the Whiskerino, Moustache May is not a competition amongst friends, but rather a celebration. A moustached celebration.

After the original online Beard Contest there was a emptiness amongst those who had participated to join again online and celebrate in some sort of facial hair folly. Even those that had missed the boat on the competitive portion of the contest wanted to join up and participate in the community growth.

And so Moustache May was born.

The overall goal remains the same, friends made and bonded through the pursuit of facial hair display but unlike Whiskerino, there are no rules on shaving clean to start fresh (you may already have a moustache ready to go on May 1st).

In the larger scope of things, men with a moustache are treated differently than men with a shorn face. This effect can be positive or negative but it is undeniably different. Participants may have come for the comradery but they will be subjected to a quiet judgement by the outside world. The stylistic days of the early 1900's when a moustache carried no stigma have long since past. Hopefully Moustache May can help to revive those more welcome times.

Facial Hair Archives

Beard Contest 2003
The one that started it all. Beard Contest 2003 (or BC2K3 for short) was an inter- continental contest that lasted for 4 1/2 months ending with a beard "throwdown" celebration. Contestants made lifelong friends and found themselves in the process.
Moustache May 2004
After BC2K3 there was a deep void in the lives of participants, so to fill it they decided on a month-long no-holds barred moustache celebration.
Moustache May 2005
Riding the success and carrying on the tradition of the previous year, Moustache May becomes an annual event.
Whiskerino 2005
An unprecedented turnout for competitive beard growing. A new standard is set.


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Burt Reynolds
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