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Mackle said on May 31 @ 5:13pm Pretty lame way to go out but I suppose it is fitting overall. I'm stuck in the OC inside of a Starbucks waiting for my 12 hour flight home. It's a lame photo and I'm ready to shave that safety hair (just for you guys) but have no means at the moment.

All and all, I apologize for my lack of grand participation. It's tough to be excited about another online excursion after the overwhelming nature of the Whiskerino. Overall, I was super pleased with a number of new participants and the experiment should be deemed a success. That doesn't mean I was pleased with my PERSONAL involvement but fortunately this sort of thing is a beast that can exist without my direct influence.

So thank you to everyone. Not only for participating in general but for spending the time to read these three paragraphs of blabbering.
Zach said on May 31 @ 5:18pm No, thank you. Next year will be better due to the staggering of Whiskerino. We should do Moustache March thru May.
Rudy 'Stache said on May 31 @ 5:26pm i consider my first foray into facial-hair experimentation a grand success- thanks for hosting all of us!
Zach said on May 31 @ 5:32pm Do passers-by at Starbucks wonder why you are browsing a site full of pictures of hairy manfaces?
haleryan said on May 31 @ 5:40pm weak! i wanted four paragraphs of blabbering.
Mason Bernard said on May 31 @ 5:59pm god bless
Ozzy Nelson said on May 31 @ 6:06pm I think in 2007 MM will be a great warmup for Whiskerino. As you, I was disappointed with my overall performance, but I did have a great time nevertheless.

Thanks for all of your hard work and attention. I'll be watching Flickr for some pics sans the safety hair my friend.
Mason Bernard said on May 31 @ 6:08pm i want whiskerino now !
Mason Bernard said on May 31 @ 6:09pm well not now maybe like a month or something.
Mason Bernard said on May 31 @ 6:09pm nevermind
Herr Neas said on May 31 @ 6:16pm thanks again, buddy. i'll see youthis weekend--get stoked
Mr. Ash said on May 31 @ 6:26pm i commend your powers. see you this weekend possibly.
chris said on May 31 @ 6:45pm thank you michael. it has been lots o fun. i will now go back to reading yewknee more now. i will do more at work & my company will be happy. thanks for the hard work. sorry about the 12 hours flight...those are not easy. maybe you could use the time to write the screenplay for "snakes on a plane 2".

daniel box - thank you

jamie holland - thank you

michael eades - see above & thank you again

mason poe - thank you

see yall in 07 for moustache may & whiskerino
James C said on May 31 @ 6:49pm hasta brother maaaaaackle
wah said on May 31 @ 8:02pm Thanks for all your work on this! It has been a really fun experience. See you for MM07.
Falfa said on May 31 @ 8:04pm When does the next Whiskerino start? Fall '07, right?

And thanks again, Mike. Hope to see you this weekend.
Zach said on May 31 @ 8:10pm You are my hero. I hope that I get to meet you someday.
troy said on May 31 @ 8:19pm Thanks Michael. It's been fun. Ironically, this month has been the busiest for me in a couple of years. So my participation wasn't what I wished, but there is another year... another moustache....

See you around.
Mason Bernard said on May 31 @ 8:46pm thanks. you are a good man.
damnweather said on May 31 @ 9:37pm thanks mackle for more good times. i feel the same as you: still pretty tired after whiskerino. wish i could have participated more. there will always be next year.
Terry Masters said on May 31 @ 9:56pm i'm sure you're on a plane right now, but thanks so much for including me in this incredible experience. it's been a blast and please contact Mason or myself if you are heading out to LA anytime. ever. you've done an incredible job. thanks again.

Renaud said on Jun 01 @ 7:48am I think I know what you are going through Michael... CLAME
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