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Anyone up for Nosehair June?
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Zach said on May 31 @ 12:59pm Konichiwa, bitches!
Zach said on May 31 @ 1:00pm You are all friends to the maxx!
chris said on May 31 @ 1:08pm noooooo! not you too! wow, they are dropping like flies. sad, sad day
Zach said on May 31 @ 1:10pm I've still got the Chaplin... for now.
Zach said on May 31 @ 1:11pm Okay, it's gone. I do miss it already. My lip looks weird.
Terry Masters said on May 31 @ 1:12pm where can i buy one of those new pencil razors? that thing looks awesome.
Zach said on May 31 @ 1:16pm It's called a Black Warrior, by Papermate.
wah said on May 31 @ 2:06pm Very nice. Great job all month man. Both with you pics and your comments/encouragement
I am Matt Thomas said on May 31 @ 3:30pm What can I say? You rock. That's what I can say.
Rudy 'Stache said on May 31 @ 4:12pm what talent!
Sethro said on May 31 @ 7:29pm i always have a nosehair june, zach. great month, man. go team renaud!
Falfa said on May 31 @ 8:12pm Nice work all month.

See you in '07?
Zach said on May 31 @ 8:13pm Oh hells yeah. At least for MousMay (I don't grow a full beard so well).
I am Matt Thomas said on May 31 @ 8:21pm I bet you could grow a beard. Certainly in four months, anyway.
chris said on May 31 @ 8:24pm zach, ive been trying to figure out why this picture looks so looks like when old people snort snuff.

don't ask...

will you do mm07 with a cigarette the whole time?
Zach said on May 31 @ 8:26pm A beard... yes.
A thick, even, luxurious beard... not so much.

What the hell, I may give it a whirl.
At very least it will make for comic relief when my lady attacks me with the clippers in my sleep.
Zach said on May 31 @ 8:28pm And Chris... sure, just for you buddy (if I don't have emphasema by then).
haleryan said on May 31 @ 11:12pm it's been fun having you around here this month. now let's go grab some strawberry milk.
Zach said on May 31 @ 11:36pm I'll gladly take you up on that offer if I'm ever in the AZ. Likewise if you ever come to the east coast.
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It has been a blast, this May of moustache.
I'll miss you much, please keep in touch.
See you guys in 2007, til then it's off to moustache heaven.

I take pictures.

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