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stache in the sky says goodbye
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chris said on May 31 @ 5:31am "stache in the sky says goodbye" was that a boston hit song?
DrEvil why stop with May? said on May 31 @ 5:43am I hear the harmony ....maybe a retro boston-like band could use my lyrical talents ;-)
Renaud said on May 31 @ 6:28am I think Journey had a hit with "Big stache in the sky keeps un turning"
James C said on May 31 @ 7:19am great job. see you in 2007!
DrEvil why stop with May? said on May 31 @ 3:05pm Sounds like a theme for next year - 70's band moustache.
Thanks james c for your involvement and encouragement.
Next year it is.

Thanks to all and to all a good night!
Mr. Ash said on May 31 @ 3:13pm but wouldn't that be the sun rising on mustache may? May 31st isn't over yet! enjoyed your stache and participation. see ya next year.
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