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I made a stache heart for all you
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Renaud said on May 31 @ 5:05am I don't want to brag, but I think I know have the coolest soul patch ever. It's twisted ends will love you!
chris said on May 31 @ 5:32am we love it too...thanks!
Renaud said on May 31 @ 7:26am My right stache is love and my left stache is hate...
Zach said on May 31 @ 7:30am I heart your moustache heart.
oztache said on May 31 @ 8:22am Wow I heart this.
I am Matt Thomas said on May 31 @ 9:01am That's creepy, and adorable.
Zach said on May 31 @ 2:05pm I can't believe it's the last day and the one-block bandit is still running around dissing awesome pictures. Whoever you are, mister one block giver-outer, you can suck it.
Renaud said on May 31 @ 2:44pm HE CAN TOTALLY SUCK MY UNIFIED STACHE
Renaud said on May 31 @ 2:45pm My moustache is giving him the finger!
Renaud said on May 31 @ 2:45pm I think that's possible
Zach said on May 31 @ 7:55pm Keep us posted on the trimming. I want to see those whiskers flying solo.
Falfa said on May 31 @ 8:08pm Great to hang again, Jim. I'm keeping track on your blog and flickr.

Keep the baby photos coming.
Renaud said on May 31 @ 8:26pm Ditto Falfa
haleryan said on May 31 @ 11:06pm i give you the 'most versatile moustache' award. thanks jim.
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My stache heart is for all of you. The two end twist together like our moustache bond, sealing us together for all times.