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UPLOADED 05-02 @ 7:17 am
davis said on May 02 @ 7:18am A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

livin the dream, right there.
plain human said on May 02 @ 7:22am looks like you win again
chris said on May 02 @ 7:22am one, two, three and I come with the redneck style because you know I get paid by the mile...

i love your tv name is earl
Paul said on May 02 @ 7:24am chris; you are so right. great show; and I am totally pullin an earl. or at least i'm earl's buddy -- Buddy.
Aaron Aninos said on May 02 @ 7:26am the beast rides again!
James C said on May 02 @ 7:38am quickly, Chesthair! combine to form shape of dragon!! or bird or capital letter T.
jgalep said on May 02 @ 7:41am It's a whupass mushroom cloud.
The Jammer said on May 02 @ 7:54am we all sorta assumed you would be wearing the black dress socks. i hope the chunky leather sandals are just out of frame.
Tits McGee said on May 02 @ 8:23am I love you....marry me!
wells08 said on May 02 @ 8:39am Hell you don't need a million bucks...look at my brother-in-law, he's broke and don't do shit.
oztache said on May 02 @ 8:52am Chestache in the house!
catfish said on May 02 @ 9:19am a regular weekday afternoon for Paul.
Mackle said on May 02 @ 9:19am why is it that facial hair sites always inspire men to take off their shirts?
Justie Moustache said on May 02 @ 9:54am The age old question. Where is benFrank anyway?
Blankenstache said on May 02 @ 10:39am benWho?

(Ooooo, burn. No, seriously, where's Ben? I miss his chin herpes.)
Another Rachel said on May 02 @ 10:41am your name Earl?
mason said on May 02 @ 11:04am see your on the dubstyle diet
Wilcoxon said on May 02 @ 11:45am i heard you're a freak
Paul said on May 02 @ 12:22pm you KNOW i'm a freak
Clay said on May 02 @ 4:36pm 23 GWM, smooth swimmer's build, likes long walks on the beach, rollerbalding, Starbucks and Milwaukees Best.
Paragone said on May 02 @ 5:18pm "errrp"
Kyle Jones said on May 02 @ 5:50pm You've already got one Faster Stache, give other people a chance geez
David Bean said on May 02 @ 8:08pm Paul, the man the legend. who passed out first, you or the bear?
Blankenstache said on May 02 @ 9:34pm Whoever did probably got taken advantage of.
Car RamRod said on May 08 @ 6:53pm Can we have an award for whos stache can best match their chest hair?
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