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Scrivener said on May 21 @ 5:19am Sorry, guys, but the family and I are about to take off on a little well-earned vacation at the beach. No internet access, so I can't post from there. And by the time I come back, this thing'll be pretty much over, so it just seems ridiculous to try to carry on.

It's been way fun. Even if Ryan had to be such a dick.

Just kidding, Ryan, you know I love you.
Paragone said on May 21 @ 10:07am NOOOO! you will be missed.
Herr Neas said on May 21 @ 2:42pm this makes two cases where the pencil-thin/waters stache marked a buddy's swan song.
happy vacation.
Mackle said on May 21 @ 2:42pm glad to have you while we did Scrivener.
Ozzy Nelson said on May 21 @ 3:21pm hate to see you go Scriv. congrats on the well deserved FM.
i am also sorry that ryan hale is a jerk. have fun at the beach.
damnweather said on May 21 @ 5:06pm see ya scrivener. you leaving will make me feel a little less guilty for having hardly any time to spend on this site. have a fun vacation.
haleryan said on May 21 @ 8:03pm you quitter.

i enjoyed having you around Scrivener.

troy said on May 21 @ 8:20pm cheers. enjoy the vacation.
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