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durniel bax said on May 31 @ 9:13am I'm going to keep this moustache through June. It's high time we were allowed to wear the "Chaplin". That other guy ruined it.
chris said on May 31 @ 9:15am more power to ya...way to take a stand!
durniel bax said on May 31 @ 9:15am and by "keep" I mean, "just shaved off".
Meredith said on May 31 @ 10:03am I have been a silent observer of this website from day 1 and just wanted to say.....I love you guys and I love me some stache's!!!! Hooray and see you next year!
haleryan said on May 31 @ 10:44am stop being sexy please. stop it.
Renaud said on May 31 @ 11:18am CLAME for the way I feel...
Rudy 'Stache said on May 31 @ 4:10pm lead us all somewhere good
Zach said on May 31 @ 5:23pm Whoever gave you a one-block must've done so because they got scared of how attracted they were to you (yes, in a gay way).
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I had a Moustache April, and now I'm having a Moustache May.