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Thank You and Goodnight

Jun 1 @ 9:24AM

Thanks to everyone that participated in Moustache May 2006. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, depending on your view of moustaches) we had just as many people fall into the Hall of Shame as we did continously post photos. A 50% success for sure!

Comments will be closed for members and I'll be randomizing the Faster Moustache archive and Recent Comments later next week. This is a sign that Moustache May is officially over.

See you all in 2007.

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Jim says:
In the future, MM will die, yet live on.
Sam says:
I want to grow mustache fast help me guyssssssssss
mason ans leinaa says:
how fast do moustaches grow?
answer us please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!itsfor a project u dinks
mason ans leinaa says:
where can we find info on moustaches
Jesse says:
Yo, last summer my camera took a dive in a river. What do you guys suggest? I don't want to spend more than $200 and I want something compact. Right now I'm leaning towards the Nikon Coolpix.
I am Matt Thomas says:
I wonder if by 2008 I will be able to grow a moustache?
zach says:
It's only February and I've already been growing for a month or so. This year, my mustache takes no prisoners.
I am Matt Thomas says:
God, I can't believe May is coming soon again...
wah says:
Hey everyone, my wife has been begging me not to do Moustache May 07 and we just made a comprimise. If I skip MM07 I get to do Whiskerino07. Sounds like a good deal to me so I'll catch up with you guys in November.
James C says:
Mustache Magnum P.I. t-shirt says:
I am Matt Thomas says:
lost, i tell you...
Zach says:
Fuck it. I'm growing mine back.
I am Matt Thomas says:
I feel lost without you all
Falfa says:
Moustache Pin says:
I am Matt Thomas says:
My beard is hot.
Steve says:
Short film about young guys with moustaches:
garbage says:
Jesse says:
Nice video, glad to see you're both still rocking the stache.
Zach says:
Good show!
chris says:
good job guys! the best part is ryan's laugh at the end. classic.
Ozzy Nelson says:
If anyone is still checking this, Ryan Rayborn and I have produced a moustache commercial. clame to check it out.
Mackle says:
I've heard talk of a Sideburn September but I can't really get down with that. The next official sponsored event (involving Facial Hair) will be next May 2007.

The next non-hair related event will be the Summer Mix Series starting July 1st over at (assuming that I get my ish together in time). So start making those mixes.
Jim says:
When is the next event?
C Dub says:
I missed it. What happened? I'm bored. What's next?
James C says:
The Justie Just of a NAMBLA Convention
Justie Just says:
Neas is the bearer of the flame for the entire whiskerino experience.

He's the Golden Arches of our McDonald's, the Magic Kingdom of our Disney World, the Heffner to our Bunny ranch. . .

(keep this going)
Ozzy Nelson says:
Scott is a celebrity!

Today at a Mexican restaurant, the proprietor referred to me as Emiliano Zapata clame.
troy says:
clame for the yahoo article
Finn MacCool says:
Neas made his way onto yahoo news! Congratulations!
Jmike says:
Damn! I just stumbled upon this site and I happened to be rockin the stache all month long. My stache sportin nature just came outta nowhere in 2006 and I've been fascinated.
Mr. Ash says:
me too! it's an addiction.
Ozzy Nelson says:
I'm still rock'n the stache. clame
Patrick says:
Hey guys, is it too late to sign up for Moustache May? I just got my moustache the way I like it.
B-Mom says:
Thank goodness I forgot about Moustache May .. J-dub looked like the Frito Bandito the entire month.

God I miss him.
Richie says:
So what happens now?

I feel lost without moustache may
Paragone says:
Sorry about not being able to say goodbye to everyone. I've been slammed. funny how my last picture was what it is. I meant to upload on the last day but never got a chance to. Goodbye everyone. seeya next year.
Mason Bernard says:
Zach says:
Talk to me.

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Random Comments

Zach said about I
Zach said about Blankenstache
Holy colors!
wah said about Mattyc
Don't mind James. you monkey painting is awesome and will get the Faster Stache for today.
haleryan said about haleryan
40-50 easily. i think i look neither sad nor angry. i guess i just have a messed up face.
Aaro... said about madrid
I've been looking around for a Stella, any leads?
Born said about Blankenstache
I mean crack.
troy said about Jaymz!
after your trackrecord at Whiskerino, I don't doubt your staying power nor your enthusiastic hair-growing prowess... I am just looking at all the potential....

today's pic does confuse me, though. it's a departure, or should we just call it an aside?
Jere... said about Mason
I'm into it.
Mr. Ash said about TrooperB
I still have mine as well.
ben day said about General
it's so great to see you again general...what beautiful eyes you have.
herr... said about Dyl
hey dragan! Was geht? you made it! now trim it up, buddy
Scri... said about Scrivener
Nope, Kait, not new glasses. I just don't wear them a whole lot unless I'm driving or teaching or watching a movie, so they're not in most of my pictures.
Herr... said about Aaron
i'm 1/4 portuguese. we're practically paisanos
chris said about elclinto
you just slid down that slide didn't you?
Mattyc said about Aaron
Man, I was totally wondering how you kept your stache so crum free.
Mattyc said about I
sarah said about j.goforth
as you wish.
Herr... said about Mason
you attend many sporting events. what do you get to eat at games?
mitc... said about Mattyc
sorry i totally just worte that twice!!!!
deuce said about Josh
Who are all those teenage kids you are hanging out with that can't grow any facial hair?
Mattyc said about Aaron
I dont' know what is creepier, your picture today or your picture yesterday.
Mackle said about Miguelito
I'm flying in on Friday and will be departing for the OC on 5/30
Josh... said about Josh
im a smoke poser (that's mackle's cig), though i do enjoy the occasional cigar.
Maso... said about Terry
chin strap
Mr. Ash said about kid
multiplicity is a bitch
HOLL... said about Mattyc
a light with a moustache.
Scri... said about Paul
Damn, that's just disgusting Paul.
James C said about Carwash
you are crime. i am law.
Gene... said about Paul
man, you're as slow as you look in your photos. it means five blocks.

i keep thinking the background in your photo is really just wallpaper. the sushi place down the street has walls like that.

i like your walls paul. your sugar walls.
chris said about Falfa
i see you over behind the shed, behind the fence.