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Moustache May 2007 was a rousing success rife with new faces and competitive classics. Once again, the Moustache's place in history has been established as ever on the rise and empowering (and entertaining) to all.

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Elbow Meat says:
Look at my horse. My horse is amazing.
alijoon says:
hi banjofreak.
derble says:
Who am i?
derble says:
what does this do?
other andy says:
Only 3 more days. Can't wait!
moustachio says:
I can't wait ...I've trimmed into a new configuration since last may.
Simcoe County Choppwe says:
This year I've decided to start with a clean canvas on May 1st.

Blisstache says:
I started my beginners beard today. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. This is like Christmas for my upper lip.
Mooky McStache says:
been growing since oct. for this may. Looking forward to it!
Single White Male... says:
so after last year's rousing success, I figured I can only go big or go home this I'm recruiting...

An entire TOWN for 2008. More later.
Michael says:
May 1st of course.
manman says:
when does registration for 2008 begin?
Michael says:
Moustache May 2008 is only one month away.. get ready for it.
robbie fingers says:
Dschonn says:
gruff says:
ideas for covering moustache while eating and drinking?
gruff says:
scott says:

linzi says:
Martin says:
sara says:
is any body there
sara says:
why should they
yup says:
ah! what to do!
Simcoe County Chopper says:
Your bf clearly hasn't used enough conditioning products to soften up his glorious stache!
I h8 moustache's!! says:
It's the most horrible thing to snog sum1 who has one it itches. I make my bf shave every day and if he has the slightest stubble i wont kiss him coz i'll get a rash on my lip and plus a mousatche hides the sxcist thing on a man his lips
Wa Ka Ka says:
zackle is king says:
i am king, damnit!
Michael says:
Whiskerino begins Nov. 1st. The site will remain a teaser until that time.
wah says:
Is whiskerino going to launch before Nov 1st? I'd like to try to recruit people in advance, but I don't want to send them to a teaser site.
dave says:
after seeing some of those real mustaches and neck beards i know why people make fun of me now!!!! sorry dave
tash says:

tash says:
why is my stache grrowing at such a rapid pase?
Heidi says:
michael, I wanted to host something cool like this on my site. I was looking for info. I appreciate your reply.


on the offseason - ya'll should add your pic on the ultimate Facial Hair Battle Site..
michael says:
Xpress, all attentions are now focused on - starting in November. Moustaches must be shaved on that date.

As for your weird SPAM'ing of the chat here - thanks but no thanks?

Maing, that was absurd and great.
Maing says:
Check out this Moustache Video! says:
Hello! Did you guys stop monitoring this site or what? No one is replying...

So I take it all of you have shaved your Moustaches off?
Quality Xpress Graphix says:
I want to host something like this on my site. How interesting! If anyone has any cool new ideas, please contact me at

Very very interesting results!
I want ROY says:
I Want you ROY!!
iammattthomas says:
I miss you. You, specifically.
Liam says:
Damnweather, that oreo commercial speaks to me and my pain.
damnweather says:
clame please
Dave says:
Moustache May may be over...
But Movember is on its way!
Grow a Mo and raise funds for cancer research and depression support...
Centofante says:
CLAME for moustache tattoos!
Dave says:
The itchy beard/tash thing is a horrible fallacy. Does velvet itch? No... It's like being kissed by a mole. So don't hold back when you see someone sporting a moustache. Just jump on in!
Tash - actually my name. says:
how do you go about kissing with such handsome facial hair? I would like to know. is there some kind of anti itch method?
Michael says:
CLAME for a great link to remind you of the good times.
Garcia says:
Garcia says:
This is an example of what my moustache did to me...and continues to do to me day in and day out.
kid static says:
okay maybe not.
kid static says:
and by 2005 i mean 2006 and by 2004 i mean 2005.
kid static says:
i was trying to go back through the archives and the 2005 link goes to the 2004 page.
iammattthomas says:
I need a haircut
bungcayao says:
I haven't visited in what seems to be years. Glad to see the chat still going. How's everyone and there staches doing?
Joe Stache says:
MM don't worry
MM don't cry
My stache of May will last forever
I will never say good bye
Moustache May says:
All my friends have left me. I am but a pittance of a memory to the staches of the world.
Self Entertaining says:
Grow a stache a day and all the chix will want to come and play
Wiskerino November says:
You guys are so no up to my standard of hairiness. Come back when you get some real facial hair
Moustache June says:
Out with the OLD, In with the New.
Lates Son
Joe Stache says:
i have a good stach joke to go with: The Stache Dance and Stache Nirvana; but it is over 100M, so youtube won't take it. any suggestions on editing software or another site to upload it on?
Joe Stache says:
Stache Dance
Zach Crackle Pop says:
Joe Stache says:
i shaved today....just now and had to come here in shame...
specialshoes says:
i hear ya kid...keepin' mine as long as i can.

i gots on my big boy pants and e'rythang.
kid static says:
still rocking the stache. i look growed up.
nEight Rules says:
I also miss my moustache.

nEight Rules says:
man iMiss™ moustache may.
catfish says:
good night Mouctache May -

I'm putting your weary ass to bed.
mattyc says:
I've put my Rat tail on the line for an awesome charity ( and I need help so that I don't have to cut it off. Please Calling all moustaches. Save my rat tail. CLAME for link to the website i put together explaining it.
Garcia says:
I clipped the mouhawk's wings and let it fly away.
Katie says:
I miss you guys a bunch and I keep thinking of you while I'm on vacation. Clame.
Garcia says:
I wouldn't say "still here" so much as "I stop by from time to time"
moustachio says:
Somehow I've made it to day 12 of June. It's not nearly as nice as May.
nEight Rules says:
Good morning MUSTACHE MAY! Anyone still here?
Beaseriffic says:
I've begun waxing everyone, it's amaizng and interesting
Garcia says:
I haven't shaved since last month. I haven't shaved anything
spanish eddie says:
good morning! i still have my moustache
Zach Crackle Pop says:

Renaud, I need a new homepage too.
specialshoes says:
i've been drinking again
specialshoes says: cut off

specialshoes says:
i too am having these separation anxiety issues...i have yet to shave and i return here atleast once a day

anyone looking to continue sharing moustache moments and just having a good time....join moustachio and myself along with our current members here

i miss you wonderful folk
Joe Stache says:
Clame for Perfect Beer and Stache Nirvana
renaud says:
Moustache May has been my homepage all month and I'm now looking for a new homepage. Any suggestions?
Joe Stache says:
Clame for short moustache vid
kid static says:
i'm leaving it until whiskerino. for some reason it seems like the right thing to do.
Joe Stache says:
i haven't shaved yet!!!!
kid static says:
i have so many more pictures that would do you guys proud. so sad. sooo sad.
JAson says:
Please reconsider this break-up!