A flea market for your moustache!

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For Sale:

Adios Paddle

Ciao. Cheerio. Wiedersehen. Adiu. Sayonara. Proshyai. Zai jian. Adios.



Octostache Munny

This one of a kind Munny was created especially for you by sibhod. Guaranteed to be your perfect partner in crime.



Show Poster

18" x 24" poster created by avast! / Boss Construct to promote the Moustache May wrap party at Mercy Lounge. Limited run of 100.



Moustache Print

This 5" x 7" Moustache Skull print comes to you courtesy of hale! ryan? and is limited in quantity, so get it while you can. Click here for the full print view.

$5.00 + $1.00 shipping

Congress Clothing

15% off your purchase if you use "moustache may" as your promo code!

Buy Item!

Mustaches in Flight

The perfect way to show off any moustached style. Special discounted price for Moustache May participants! Brought to you by Pony Attack.


Choose A Size:

Mister Mustache

Noelix presents this fine crafted Mr. Moustache for your ever growing t-shirt collection.

$15.00 + shipping

Buy this item


Created by JAson's moustached envy wife "Cloudhopper" is the perfect pal, rain or shine (mostly shine). All proceeds go to First Giving. Limited to 5, these measure 7.25" tall and 4" wide.

$20.00 + $3.00 shipping

Stay Classy

One of a kind painting by JAson's moustached envy wife. "Stay Classy" is painted on a 5x7 woodblock with beveled edges. All proceeds go to First Giving.
View Painting.

$20.00 + $3.00 shipping


Stache V-Neck

Very limited edition white v-neck featuring a simple curly moustache on the chest. Available in Medium / Large.


For Free:

Chris Mix

We've All Had Moustaches is a free mix compiled by chris for all to enjoy.

» Download Mix

Moustachio Mix

Moustache Clippings is a free mix compiled by moustachio for all to enjoy.

» Download Mix

Specialshoes Mix

Nobody Messes with a Moustachied Man is a free mix compiled by specialshoes for all to enjoy.

» Download Mix

Desktop #3

New desktop from avast! / Boss Construct based on the Moustache May 2007 show poster.

» Download Desktop

Desktop #2

Fantastic new desktop brought to you by Bungcayao. Tom Selleck brought to us by the glory of all that is good.

» 1600 x 1200
» 1280 x 1024
» 1024 x 768

Moustache Mayhem Mix

Jenkins presents a mix of moustached mayhem. An enjoyable free download!

» Download Mix

Moustache May Desktop

Moustache pattern by Travis Squidfingers and logo by Daniel Box! Free for all!

» 1600 x 1200
» 1280 x 1024
» 1024 x 768

What's A Bazaar?

noun · a shop where a variety of goods are sold

Can I Sell Something?

Absolutely! Make anything you think others may want to buy and then send Michael several pictures of the product as well as your PayPal ID so people can transfer money to you.

Why can't I just 'Add To Cart'?

Think of it like a flea market - if you found 10 things from 10 different people that you wanted to buy, you'd still have to pay each on individually. The same concept applies here.

I paid for something, now where is it?!

Go back to your PayPal receipt and find the email address you sent money to. Contact that person again and find out why they haven't mailed out your goods. Each vendor is responsible for mailing you their product, so if you don't trust someone - don't pay them money.