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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 8:50am
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Have a great summer!!!

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moustachio says:
so nice.
chris says:
well done sir
Other Andy says:
Well done. See you tonight, man. Boyer said he might come.
Garcia says:
They grip the sticks so well. Hope to see you tonight at the show.
Centofante says:
excellent perfect showing. goodbye good sir.
mattyc says:
Classic, Keept the stache.
Mackle says:
you ever consider fang implants?
avast! says:
i have natural ones. they run in my family. I'll show you tonight.
Paragone says:
awesome. goodbye to you.
catfish says:
I SERIUOSLY did this with 2 combs last nite and said aloud: "This would make a great photo concept for tomorrow."

I'm glad you beat me to it - yours was executed 10 times better than I would've imagined.
jenkins says:
whoa, cool. i don't think mine could withstand that. take care matey!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
keep on makin' kick ass posters dude.
Noelix says:
haleryan says:
this rules hard. good bye avast.
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