A moustache a day keeps the children away


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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 4:33am
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ben image for May 31st

I salute you moustache may...have fun in nashville everyone...bye

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ben says:
i love you all...drive safe and have fun in my old home town!
trock says:
adios, keep growin that stache
Mr Magnifico says:
I've loved your photos this month...
Centofante says:
we salute you, ben
Garcia says:
Good bye, ben. It's been great watchin' you grow.
ilikeschool says:
good bye sir and thank you for serving us and your country.
iammattthomas says:
you have brought it every day this month. i hope you whiskerino!
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
Ben, I salute you sir, and I bid you adieu.
...'til the seas of fortune permit us to dock in the harbour next year...
Other Andy says:
I'll drink one for you tonight. Cheers!
chris says:
i will miss your pictures...so, so good. have fun & enjoy the time till november...if you can join us.
Centofante says:
i salute you, sir.
hairycaterpillar says:
Nice work sir.

You really should consider photography as a career if the navy doesn't work out. Talent!
ben says:
thank you all...funny enough this is my only link to the civilian world and it makes me happy to see such a tight group of wonderful people with moustaches!
stachefford says:
these op's are elite for sure. well done, and farewell
Justin says:
Your last name is Day?

Dude, how often did people call you Ben Gay? That's messed up.

You rocked this Moustache May to pieces, sir.
funkfinger says:
well done ben! thanks for sharing your cool pics this may.
Joe Stache says:
Entertaining and Amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!!
trock says:
Excellent work this Moustache May! Hey you don't need to ride bitch, ride along on your own! keep two wheels down and one moustache up! adios!
Olof Fock says:
Your photos this MMay were consistently great. See ya down the road.
haleryan says:
ben, it was a pleasure. i'll be working on something for you and i'll be in touch soon. in the meantime, good luck to you sailor.
catfish says:
you've killed it since day one. see you soon.
jenkins says:
at ease ben! awesome photos!! later!
wonder_made says:
Is your last name 'day'? Nice.
Great work all the way through.
ak says:
is that moustache regulation?
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