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beyondthunderdome image for May 24th

Helmets Optional - also wierd reach out to woman next to me... exhale, so close yet no clue

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mattyc says:
Colorful. I dated a girl who's brother was the Barney on the TV show.
Mackle says:
three unassuming puppets and one dinosaur - only disaster can come of this.
otherandy says:
This is awesome.
Joe Stache says:
was there really only one 'Barney' I mean the guy wears a purple suit. Can't 1 of 1000 folks dress up in the purple suit every day?
btw was the sister a headcase?
wonder_made says:
I like your hat.
trock says:
everything looks unsafe
jenkins says:
matching shirts! 1 stache!
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
Is this the twirl king yo-yo troupe or the Hooray for Everything presentation?
I just love it.
Garcia says:
For some reason, this picture is really hot. Oh! Figured it out...ass to crotch contact on the left!
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