It's like having a little pet for your face.


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catfish image for May 31st

here's to an outstanding moustache may.

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chris says:
one day i would like to visit your bathroom. thank you for great photos all month. see you in nov.
Mr Magnifico says:
Outstanding indeed.

It'll be crazy if you do the entire Whiskerino in the bathroom!
catfish says:
don't tempt me - I like it in there.
Sethro says:
what the...? it's like i took another photo of myself with better hair and a better composition and better lighting and a better facial expression and a better drink. dang.
Sethro says:
seriously, though. great month of photos, catfish. looking forward to november.
funkfinger says:
cheers, catfish
haleryan says:
you're toasting us with watered down pepsi? gross.

i love you brother.
Paragone says:
cheers mate. Till November.
nussy says:
Goodbye catfish. thank you.
mrmagnifico says:
I think you have the best profile page. It almost appears that you left 16th blank - right there in the middle!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
I wanna pee in that bathroom some day.
Centofante says:
goodbye, catfish. you're an inspiration to us all.
trock says:
Well done, cheers!
jenkins says:
this one's on me, sir! you had a grand month.
Winter Branch says:
I'll drink to that!

Thanks for amazing picture after amazing picture!
ben says:
i bow to the patience you've kept throughout this competition...staying in your bathroom has been wonderful to watch...hopefully the sun won't try to kill you next time to see him.
westerndave says:
the perfect stache with a beverage. nice way to go out.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
I'll miss you, buddy.
Wait, no I won't. I'll be too busy IM'ing you every 5 seconds. Love you, man.
funkfinger says:
just so you all know, catfish is actually incarcerated, and all his posts have been from his jail cell - they've removed the contraband laptop, and have sent him into solitary.
kid static says:
are you gonna be in chicago in november?

cause if you are, i'll buy you the drink of your choice.
catfish says:
I've been known to knock on people's door at 3 reminding them of that drink they promised.

Plus - I've never been to Chicago, always wanted to go.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
swing by and pick me up on your way.
danielpaul says:
an excellent month's work my friend
specialshoes says:
i have thoroughly enjoyed your "from a bathroom" series.

your stache is rather substantial and well trained. kudos, sir!
Fargus says:
You are my hero.
wonder_made says:
So very well done.
mattyc says:
hit me up on the emails matt at callac dot com. Holler if you are ever down south. I'm still thinking about Nov. Keep your stache, it's amazing.
moustachio says:
Catfish.. you've been nothing short of an inspiration. On so many levels. Thanks for the lovely pictures and Beautiful stache.

May it always be.
moustachio says:
Also catfish.. if in chicago........ you'll have a warm place to sleep and entertainment awaiting.

satsun74 at yahoo dittydot com
moustachio says:
After september that is.
Noelix says:
cheers, catfish. Thanks for entertaining the hell out of all of us this month.
Jamie Petro says:
moustachio says:
if you're going to miss one day. i guess your anniversary ain't such a bad day to miss.
Heath Who Hath His Stache says:
Shit man,

ak says:
I feel like I've been living in your bathroom for a month, with a moustache.
Dschonn says:
Prost. I can't wait until November.
renaud says:
Great stuff man! See you in a couple of months
spanish eddie says:
dude you have the greatest profile page, and an even greater moustache. 'til next time, take 'er easy
daxmcwax says:
i would like to be a part of my first wiskerino in november...see ya then!
catfish says:
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