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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 7:39am
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centofante image for May 31st

be strong...

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Centofante says:
goodbye moustache may
Other Andy says:
Don't be sad, little buckaroo.
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
Moustache May breaks down borders and builds communities.
chris says:
don't cry...november is just down the road & may will be around before you know it
ilikeschool says:
it is okay little chap. come here and sit on my lap, my moustache will not hurt you...
Garcia says:
This 'stache is a thing of wonder. You should be proud. Farewell, for now.
Centofante says:
clame for the alternate. it grew in so light!
ben says:
don't least tou have a noticable stache.
Centofante says:
Katie says:
Aww. Hugs.
mattyc says:
dude you can always keep the moustache.
Mackle says:
Centofante - no tears. Moustache May is here to stay.
Mackle says:
(in your heart or on your face)
robbiefingers says:
Hope to spot you on downtown drinking PBR at Miller's. Moustache May or not, the celebration of greatness continues.
Mr Magnifico says:
your stache will give you strength... you didn't shave it off did you?
catfish says:
nobody likes a crybaby. but I understand.
jenkins says:
cheer up centofante!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
i feel ya, buddy.
wonder_made says:
Is your wife feeding your child in the background? Nice.
Noelix says:
Take care, man!
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