A moustache a day keeps the children away


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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 9:04am
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stache sweet stache

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chris says:
the family that staches together, stays together

same as last year – clame
chris says:
we’ve all had moustaches mix - clame
chris says:
bathroom wallpaper link for catfish - clame
Garcia says:
They look so much happier about the 'staches this time around. Have a great year...see you in November?
ben says:
it's been fun chris...wonderful family photo...and living room photos.
iammattthomas says:
hah! 2006 shoutout FTW!
Sethro says:
nice one, chris. i like seeing how your girls have grown up since last year.
Other Andy says:
Beautiful family. Sweet prints up there too. It's been fun.
specialshoes says:
a family that 'staches together stays together.

hopefully see ya in november.
Mackle says:
now THAT'S a lot of staches!

thanks for being here chris.. always a pleasure.
trock says:
Great job this year, take care!
Centofante says:
beautiful family
chris says:
thank yall...im lucky to have such a great wife & great girls.
Olof Fock says:
that's what i'm talkin about
noelix says:
I love how everyone's hair is drastically different from picture to picture - and your wife looks totally different without the glasses! Well done, Chris, well done.
mattyc says:
Love the throwback to last year.
haleryan says:
chris, i'm really happy you were back this year. thanks for being so much fun!
avast! says:
what a lovely family
spanisheddie says:
a family of 'staches is a beautiful thing. well done this month!
jenkins says:
nice!! a fine moustached family indeed.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
you're such a good guy. keep in touch, chris.
wonder_made says:
Yes! Awesome. I'm sure this pic will be celebrated at many future family outings - great shot.
Mr. Ash says:
Good to meet you last night Chris. See ya next year! (or in November)
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