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damnweather image for May 02nd

me and tegan

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GermyOkai says:
that baby is almost as big as your stache.
hale! ryan? says:
hey, it's tegan and sara. did anybody by their album? i didn't know sara had a moustache.
hale! ryan? says:
by = buy.

it was a dumb joke made even worse by my poor spelling. i'm tired.
catfish says:
get a haircut hippy
catfish says:
i keed i keed.
davekent says:
Fargus says:
Don't let the baby too close to that thing, it might be absorbed by it's greatness.
wonder_made says:
Moustache May has gone family-style!
hbn3 says:
nice baby
jenkins says:
cute, she's rockin my hair style too.
Precious says:
lovin the baby!
chris says:
she will be so proud of this shot & her dads stache one day.
Mackle says:
your children are getting younger. How is this happening?
paul says:
for some reason i'm reminded of welcome back kotter.
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