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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 10:37pm
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damnweather image for May 31st


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funkfinger says:
like a moth to the flame... good stuff this may dw- hope to see you around
specialshoes says:
you are a moustache hero.

you rule!
mattyc says:
I feel sorry for you having to be next to that amazing photo of mason. Sorry in the sense that God, you are the luckiest man alive. See you next year.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
So long, friend.
haleryan says:
that's a nice sconce. would that be arts and craft style? is has a Frank Lloyd Wright look to it.
moustachio says:
Till next time.... Your pics are amazing. Nice finish.
haleryan says:
also, the hole in the wall by your head looks like a small portion of your hair decided to break off from the rest of the group and make their own way. is this how your hair reproduces itself? does this mean that somewhere, little damnweather chest hair trees are sprouting up?
haleryan says:
now that i pay more attention, maybe that's not a wall sconce. it seems to be hanging. so would that make it a pendant lamp? please clarify.
haleryan says:
also, take care DW. i'll be in touch.
Mason Bernard says:
good bye we are friends
Centofante says:
bye damnweather. you were one of my favorites.
jenkins says:
later dw, you rock.
trock says:
catfish says:
such a great photograph dw - see ya in a bit.
Dschonn says:
I'm really a big fan of your work. And by that I mean your entries in online facial hair contests. I eagerly await the next one.
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