The Camaraderie of Those Who Appear Threatening to Children


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daxmcwax image for May 31st

If you don't like it 'HOT' - don't get it 'DIPPED'!

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Katie says:
Happy stache! What a great way to leave us. :)
Dax McWax says:
Smokey Pig BBQ, Bowling Green, KY. Lots of moustaches celebrated here. But the best is a handwritten sign on the RC fountain...clame on location.
Katie says:
Garcia says:
Oh man...that sounds great. Keep that moustache shiny, yo!
Dax McWax says:
the pork shoulder platter is awesome...btw. also i'll be at the Mercy Lounge tonight, hope to see many staches there.
chris says: going to this place
Dax McWax says:
the owner is awesome - about five feet tall with a well-groomed all-white handlebar moustache! I would have a picture with him if they weren't so busy!
Mackle says:
goin out with a smile! that's the way to do it.
ben says:
this is great!
Lisa says:
You have a great smile!
catfish says:
you comin' around in November?
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