The Camaraderie of Those Who Appear Threatening to Children


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deconstachely image for May 23rd

where's the beef?

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Garcia says:
Oh went with the black beater. Nice change up.
mattyc says:
I'm liking what you're cooking.
funkfinger says:
i think he was shunned
Paul says:
from afar i thought you were pissing on the bushes.
Centofante says:
ben says:
that's some light beer!
wonder_made says:
I believe this look is known as "making love to the camera".
Fargus says:
i'll drink to that.
Amander says:
This is why I married you.
Centofante says:
more like "making love to the grill"
chris says:
you cookin up a mess of fish you caght?
Noelix says:
It totally looked like you were whipping it out from the thumbnail. AAAnd of course I clicked. Does that make me ghey?
iammattthomas says:
no, just gay
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