It's like having a little pet for your face.


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Image Posted: 05/21/2007 @ 9:35am
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derble image for May 21st

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moustachio says:
What's up Curly. Looking Good.
derble says:
mackle cameo
Papi Churro says:
does yours curl better on one side than the other? i'm running into that problem...
derble says:
nah they're pretty even i just didn't twirl one side
Arlo says:
You look like an anime version of yourself as a gnomish swashbuckler. Or somethign to that efffect.
Katie says:
This is straight up sexy, dude.
Papi Churro says:
arlo: so true.
jenkins says:
that's some good curl!
Garcia says:
Off in the distance...another 'stache to contend with.
mattyc says:
this is the saddest derble stache ever. Also I like that you can clearly see the dense moustache on mackle in the back.
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