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derble image for May 31st

adios. i love you

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ben says:
i want to believe that paddle puts mad spins on balls!
moustachio says:
It had to be this way. I miss you already.
chris says:
such a sad photo, but a great one
Garcia says:
It's been a great run. See you at the show.
Other Andy says:
Well played! See you tonight.
specialshoes says:
i want a rec room! see ya next year
superpapa says:
someday I hope to meet the man behind that stache.
Centofante says:
i love you too.
noelix says:
derble, you're an inspiration.
mattyc says:
This is a great way to go out.
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
This is how I will remember you Derble.
See you in 2008 in Beijing.
Stachefford says:
Mr Magnifico says:
It's cool you stuck it out this year... Can't wait til next!

Great photos too.
hollywood says:
nice work this year. be good
Paragone says:
so sad.
jenkins says:
haha awww... go school arlo on the COURT.
Nussy says:
goodbye, daniel. thank you.
catfish says:
derble - you really ARE Mexican aren't you?
Zach Crackle Pop says:
you know what i'd like to see? you in november.
danielpaul says:
vaya con dios Captain
JAson says:
Adios friend. I will treasure my paddle forever! ha
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