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Image Posted: 05/03/2007 @ 11:51am
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Ozzy Nelson says:
very cool. Did you get those glasses from my wife?
haleryan says:
don't make me say it again.
deuce says:
Ozzy I think I did...last night.
Amy says:
That's funny Ozzy, because that's the first thing I thought when I saw the picture.
Ozzy Nelson says:
damnweather says:
wow, 5{ for the ozzy zing

ozzy, where are you this time 'round?
Ozzy Nelson says:
damnweather, I'm saving my stregnth for W2007.
My son was thrilled to see you out here btw.
jenkins says:
that's the stache i'm workin toward!
spanish eddie says:
some good growth goin on!
deuce says:
thanks eddie, we'll have to do a collaborative sometime soon
deuce says:
Ozzy thanks for stopping by too, see you on Nov 2.
spanish eddie says:
catfish says:
there's just too much sexy in this picture.
Noelix says:
You are some kind of crazy Dan Ackroyd cool man!
stash looker says:
are you gay?.. you look gay... cause i wouldn't say that if i didn't think you were gay.... in those gay sunglasses!
herr neas says:
oh baby you
you got what i neeeeeeeeeeeed
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