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Image Posted: 05/06/2007 @ 8:45pm
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deuce image for May 06th

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wonder_made says:
Please just take my money
avast! says:
no i dont need my windshield washed...
chris says:
just stay away from my minivan...go on you moustached freak.
Fargus says:
"hey kid, you want some candy?"
GermyOkai says:
creep monster
jenkins says:
yes! a fellow gas station pic!
Beaseriffic says:
how far you headed?
mattyc says:
Wow, this is so amazing. I think this might be new favorite moustache picture.
Noelix says:
deuce! Back with an awesome pic. I have to say your nose looks massive in this pic hah
funkfinger says:
window button up....
haleryan says:
i don't know how many times i've caught deuce looking in my window like this, but it's been a lot.
Dschonn says:
You look a bit like Peter Sellers here. The sweatshirt kind of ruins the effect, though.
Centofante says:
lock the doors. don't look him in the eye.
Mr. Ash says:
The only full service gas station that should exist.
stache fan says:
way to be homophobic stash looker. :rolleyes:
Mackle says:
stache fan, give the guy a break. you've been giving him a hard time since this started. please be respectful and just stop commenting on his pics.
stache fan says:
what are you talking about? I didn't post a homophobic comment like stash looker did, and I've never given this guy a hard time.
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