It's like having a little pet for your face.


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through the out door

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specialshoes says:
love the show poster in the window. so long dr. jones
Centofante says:
goodbye dr.
chris says:
bye dr. jones...on an off day i will have to come drink some fine coffee.
derble says:
whoah stephen simmons. MACKLE check it out!
Mackle says:
see you tonight Dr. Jones!
funkfinger says:
rock on dr.
Mr Magnifico says:
I'm going to go through caffiene withdrawel without your mug around.
jenkins says:
is there a dr. in the house? no, he just went through the out door, and he took his moustache with him.
Zoltan says:
excellent composition....
haleryan says:
carry on dr. jones.
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