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Image Posted: 05/07/2007 @ 1:19pm
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dschonn image for May 07th

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specialshoes says:
damnweather says:
how many languages do you speak?!?
Centofante says:
one 'stache to rule them all!
Garcia says:
That expression is outstanding.
haleryan says:
that expression is mimicking harry's expression on the cover so closely that even the finger spacing is identical. don't think that went unnoticed.

well done.
herr neas says:
quis flavit?
hey man--i wanna talk shop. drop me a line: herrneas at yahoo
an admirer says:
I love how you incorporate my three favorite things: Moustaches, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings (don't think I didn't notice the book mark)
Joe Stache says:
harrius is trying to figure out how to be a man and grow a stache....
punkrockbeth says:
sweet bejesus nerd core to the max.
Dschonn says:
damnweather: Approximately three and an eighth, including English (my Latin is about 3/4 what I'd like it to be, and Ancient Greek is not being kind to me)

haleryan: I'm so glad someone noticed that. For some reason I thought it'd be you.

herr neas: Okay, sure. puto me rogatum tuum non comprehendere. Meintest Du wirklich "Wer hat geblasen?"?

everyone else: Thanks.
funkfinger says:
Beaseriffic says:
I can't think of many Harry Potter characters that are not both stached and awesome
chris says:
what happened?
brie says:
this picture is absolutely incredible.
Beaseriffic says:
again, professor Lupin, Dumbledore & Hagrid(with complementary, not distracting beards), I even believe Sirius Black, maybe with a chin cousin
Beaseriffic says:
also the midget guy that Hagrid stabs with a fork in the 4th movie.
Beaseriffic says:
Harry's Uncle, although a bad man, has a pretty daring stache for a muggle
haleryan says:
i am finding it hard to reconcile Beaseriffic's love of Harry Potter and his most recent overall-wearing, banjo-playing pic.
mamasloan says:
Absolutely Love it and You!!
mackle says:
ps you were robbed of King Stache on this one
Emily says:
Did you notice that when you look at the thumbnail of this one, that bit of wallpaper by your right eye makes it look like your eyebrow extends off your face?
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