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fargus image for May 31st

It's been a good run, but Moustache, you have to go.

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chris says:
i have an idea...you should replace it with a beard in november
Fargus says:
funny, I had a beard for about 4 years before this. Kind of hard to let the 'stache go though.
damnweather says:
terry masters tribute?
Winter Branch says:
cheer up! we'll always have the memories!!
mattyc says:
don't be sad you still have a moustache.
trock says:
No, keep it, beards can grow around the statche!
funkfinger says:
ah fargus, may will be here again in no time.
funkfinger says:
me too wb, me too. take care
joestache says:
thanks for the fun moustache brother!!!!
Mr Magnifico says:
you feel how i look.

or something.
catfish says:
you have THE best blondemoustache on this site. you know you do.

and - I've done that today.
jenkins says:
quality moustaching, compadre!! if you love something, set it free. haha.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
getting misty-eyed lookin' at this.
westerndave says:
cheer up. there's always november. didn't miss a day! nice.
wonder_made says:
Good get together tonight.
Noelix says:
Everyyyy mustache criiiiies, sooooommmeeetiiiimes
moustachio says:
I wish you could be my shop teacher and teach me things about wood and stuff.
mindy says:
sad...I'm going to miss all the self portraits. haha.
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