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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 3:21pm
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germyokai image for May 31st

I may be smiling but I'm sad to see you year i guess.

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mattyc says:
GermyOkai says:
sorry about the lack of stache...heavy shadows. It's still there, trust.
Katie says:
This is how all the staches should be after today; free and frolicking in the fields.
funkfinger says:
germyokai bringing the happy on the last day of 'stache- nice!
Dschonn says:
I miss Oregon.
Mackle says:
this photo is incredible!
Stachefford says:
you look you're being chased by a bear. and Loving it!
derble says:
lol @ stafford
chris says:
you look so happy running toward whiskerino
hollywood says:
makes me want to run thru the desert, toss my hair to the wind, and sing the sun will come up tomorrow....maybe not
Mr Magnifico says:
Later Germy.
Fargus says:
That's the spirit! live on Moustache May.
Winter Branch says:
jenkins says:
frollick on!
trock says:
good run Germy
superpapa says:
see you soon!!
Paragone says:
November? right?
Nussy says:
goodbye germy. thank you.
GermyOkai says:
November no question.
catfish says:
you stole my idea for a photo today.

but it's ok.

i guess.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
Holy shit, catfish was going to leave the bathroom?! Anyhow, nice work all month, Germy. Your sexy table shot was/is my all-time fav.
haleryan says:
man i love you.
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