A moustache a day keeps the children away


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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 6:07pm
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heathwhohathhisstache image for May 31st

'Staches so potent, affordable housing goes to waste.

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chris says:
well done...you killed it yesterday. watch out for the dust.
Heath Who Hath His Stache says:
It's been loads of fun kids. I've never taken so many pictures of myself...it's at once liberating and a challenge. Plus...it's been an honor to look unhonorable with you all.

Vaya con Dios!
trock says:
skilled timing, adios
funkfinger says:
{applause} nice work this month hwhhs
Mr Magnifico says:
Wow. that's all i gotta say.
Katie says:
Lovin' the wink.
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
Farewell brother of stache. I have always enjoyed your photos.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
an explosive farewell... later, dude.
Fargus says:
Going out with a bang, the only way to go.
westerndave says:
fantastic work. really enjoyed the glamor shot! and yesterdays... and... yeah. giddy up.
mattyc says:
look what you did, ass hole. See you later, man.
Noelix says:
Well done.
hollywood says:
nice work
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