A moustache a day keeps the children away


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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 4:18pm
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Aaaaaaay! Sit on it Potsy!

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Fargus says:
The thumbs up is quite a popular shot today
chris says:
right back at ya
GermyOkai says:
turned out great Bobert. don't forget about Battles June 14th. or our battle the day afterwards.
Winter Branch says:
thats the spirit!
heyrevolver says:
Fargus: Actually it's a lot of "The Cody" today and a just little "thumbs up" for us
heyrevolver says:
I'll be there Okai
trock says:
nice salute
funkfinger says:
goin' out in style - nice seeing you around here heyrevolver
funkfinger says:
ah nussy, no need to be sad, mackle will put up and archive and you can see us all for a long long time.
catfish says:
Robbie - I'm so glad to see that you cleaned up and stayed with us the whole month.

3 more's not that hard. YAfterall you have Joey there for support.

See ya in Nov.
jenkins says:
heyrevolver, fairwellrevolver. grand month! take care!
haleryan says:
bye bye robbie.
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