A moustache a day keeps the children away


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so long friends...for now

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Garcia says:
I love this picture. I love the hobo pack. Good bye! Your 'stache turned into a thing of true beauty
JAson says:
Thank you!
renaud says:
see you on the rails
Centofante says:
beautiful picture. later, JAson
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
May you catch the most glorious ride on the Santa Fe express!
derble says:
save room in your pack for the ping pong paddle!
ben says:
the train's the other way...nice shot.
chris says:
so long...see you in november?
JAson says:
No November for me. The Fire Dept. won't allow it. I will see you guys again though.
chris says:
well that sucks...see you in may & be safe around those fires
simcoe county chopper says:
So long and farewell.
mattyc says:
quitting hobo style. I like that.
Fargus says:
very nice shot. so long.
trock says:
enjoy your walk, safe travels, till next may
jenkins says:
haha! take care in the wild, friend.
catfish says:
watch out - snakes.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
take it easy, dude.
JAson says:
So long friends, I met some really fun people here. Next May our paths shall converge once more. Hopefully sooner.
moustachio says:
If luck is in our favor.. much sooner. Take care.
haleryan says:
JAson, take it easy. i'll be in touch.

great last shot too.
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