The Camaraderie of Those Who Appear Threatening to Children


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moustachio says:
i feel like i'm sleeping with a complete stranger.
Garcia says:
"If he's not awake in the next 2 minutes, I'm gonna bite his balls."
Srah says:
I know this isn't a caption, but your min pin is so cute, he looks exactly like mine.
jenkins says:

srah, cool! she's a she! they should be pals!
Srah says:
Sorry about that, mine's a she too and I hate when people call her a he. They should totally be friends, unfortunately I'm in Florida. I'm sure Bella (my min pin) would love to play with another min pin.
Ozzy Nelson says:
I have GOT to quit feeding her Krystals!
jenkins says:
haha, she's all about it.

srah, oh well... she's the shy nervous type anyway. :)
Amander says:
"She didn't look like that last night at the bar..."
trock says:
Jenkins realized late that his lady didn't like to be called "the old ball and chain". Luckily the dog house was well equipped.
Noelix says:
"Next at 11: When Animals Attack!: Mustache Edition"
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