The Camaraderie of Those Who Appear Threatening to Children


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jenkins image for May 31st

I decided to keep it and she kicked me out! (Not really)

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jenkins says:
It's been a fine month, friends.
Mr Magnifico says:

it's bun fun.
Mr Magnifico says:
bun fun? what was that?

*been* fun
chris says:
you are awesome...thank you for your mix
trock says:
good kick for the end
Winter Branch says:
made me laugh out loud!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
if you can hitch a ride to my house, the couch is all yours, bro.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
keep on stachin' on, pal. see you next time.
specialshoes says:
enjoyed your pics all month.

also enjoyed the mix. take'er easy jenkins!
fargus says:
worth it.
wonder_made says:
Copulating couch?
mattyc says:
Dude, dont' throw that stuff away. Imagine the fort you could build with that. It's been fun man. Adios. See you next year.
haleryan says:
bread buddies. don't forget.

take care jenkins.
moustachio says:
It's been better than fine.

Good luck on the engagement.
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