It's like having a little pet for your face.


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Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 2:52pm
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Keepin' it real.

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Katie says:
YESSSSSSS. Now get it tattoo'd there forreal.
chris says:
i will buy all your drinks tonight if you get this tattoo tonight...well as long as i have cash
Centofante says:
jesse - while i might prefer the spelling with an "O", it only fits on people with disfigured hands. Plus this way your right hand reads "Must" and your right reads "ache" which is kind of amazing too.

you have an excellent moustache. fare well.
mattyc says:
Now get that tat for real.
haleryan says:
this is awesome.
funkfinger says:
this rocks- nice work jesse
Mr Magnifico says:
good thing that there is this other spelling that'll fit on 8 fingers.
catfish says:
I will fund this tattoo if you are tempted.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
mustache 4 lyfe.
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