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Joined on: May 01st, 2007 @ 8:08am
Image Posted: 05/24/2007 @ 2:00pm
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josh image for May 24th

this mural is a-okai.

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avg: 4.8

GermyOkai says:
there it is part two.
Mackle says:
i believe this is the first photo in which you show genuine enthusiasm since.. the first Moustache May?
GermyOkai says:
catfish says:
looks cold on this side.
jason says:
super stacheeee! Oh, and love the wall mural :)

--- wendi (not Jason)
Centofante says:
trock says:
eat your veggies
moustachio says:
super duper.
Garcia says:
...but the old man needs a 'stache.
Katie says:
Your smile makes me happy. Like, super happy.
haleryan says:
that mural is amazing. i was unaware of the scale of it before.
GermyOkai says:
thanks Ryan.
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