The Camaraderie of Those Who Appear Threatening to Children


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keith image for May 10th

good times

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Garcia says:
The best times. Is that limeade? Are you rockin' out?
Mr Magnifico says:
It's cool how this pic ended up next to mine - an air guitar now a banjo.

Great pic.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
Good times. Great oldies. Oldies one oh seven.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
That's 107.1 on your FM dial.
moustachio says:
are you in the ohop mountain valley boys?
Stachefford says:
when did you pick up the banjo?
mattyc says:
CLAME to see the rest of the photo.
Dueling Banjos
Wellstache says:
derble says:
work day was yesterday
Davis says:
keith, i don't think i've seen any of your photos since day 1.

you still have that thing on your face. i'm amazed.
Winter Branch says:
play me some Acrefoot!
Trent Steel says:
Please tell me that is an adventure of Tom Sayer book in the background.
Fargus says:
Dueling Banjos!
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
That look in your eyes tells me that you are over the legal limit of limeade.
Keith says:
so close- it's the adventures of huck finn
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