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Joined on: May 01st, 2007 @ 7:03am
Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 5:02pm
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keith image for May 31st

bye bye

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avg: 4.33

Fargus says:
Amazing! a beautiful progression.
chris says:
what will next year bring...i can't wait
funkfinger says:
nice work keith
Mr Magnifico says:
that's awesome... enjoyed you pics. you were the first king!
catfish says:
unbelievable - everytime I see your posts - unbelievable.
Nussy says:
goodbye my brother-in-mullet. thank you.
trock says:
wonderful job
jenkins says:
i was consistently bewildered by your dope moustache and photos! you rule keith!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
keep that stache forever, my man.
well, at least until whiskerino.
specialshoes says:
i love the trilogy of ' are an inspiration to all mustachioed individuals.

i aspire to acheive your level of 'stacheliness
danielpaul says:
one of my favorites of the month
Winter Branch says:
thanks for everything keith!
after watching your posts last year in awe I'm glad I joined in this time!
Winter Branch says:
oh yeah, it also looks like you have no neck... or body..
who would decapitate you?
well I guess it would make a mighty fine trophy with that stache on it...

just too bad it had to happen to such a cool guy.
mattyc says:
As much as I appreciated your moustache/fotos this year and last year, I wonder, how can you ever top this moustache next year.
Noelix says:
Keith, it was an honor to have my picture placed among yours. Your mustache is insane.
moustachio says:
seriously.... you should be a butcher with the carving skills it takes to shape that thing. I'll Miss ya.
Mr. Ash says:
Cool to meet ya last night. Good luck with the piano-playing career!!
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