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Image Posted: 05/29/2007 @ 6:39am
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liam image for May 29th

I have a bad case of Kuato, a virulent Pugh strain, known for its luxurious beard.

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Liam says:
Thanks Chad! Clame
subrok says:
Nice one Quaid!
GermyOkai says:
this picture is awesome...mainly because it has Chad in it. Your cool too Liam but, Chad. Dag.
Byron says:
I don't know why but when I see you in that sepia tone photo, with that shirt... I want a mojito and a cigar
Davis says:
this is unbelievably creepy.
Mackle says:
Liam, I was worried you'd given up the ghost but this is top notch.. top 10 of the whole month!
Chad says:
Gotta Clame it!
haleryan says:
oh chad, how i long for you.
mattyc says:
The eyes really look gross.
GermyOkai says:
this picture is so good
moustachio says:
This is way creepy. I love it.
liam says:
I loved having chad's head inside me. Closest I'll ever get to having a true beard.
Garcia says:
My favorite thing is it looks like you don't even notice the bearded man's head growing out of your stomach anymore.
catfish says:
i can't stop looking.
Jay Leo says:
Justin says:
he called me a cock.
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