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Image Posted: 05/23/2007 @ 4:10pm
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maze image for May 23rd

The local shootin gallery!

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Miguelito says:
are you betting with your sister again?
Garcia says:
Tall boy...too-small beater...pool...panda and hippo...

Wife beater rules the day!
Miguelito says:
don't forget the fake oakley blades
jenkins says:
awesomeness, corner pocket.
maze says:
Sorry, cant bet sis anymore... at least not until she escapes from the place in Macau where I lost her...
Papi Churro says:
love it.
mattyc says:
Wish I could have grown a gut like that for today.
Centofante says:
nothing says "redneck pool hall" than tastefully done children's wall art.
ben says:
i'll play you a quarter a ball
chris says:
i bet you one of them there fellas that brings there poolstik to the bar in a box and have to put it togethr
moustachio says:
i've notice that my stache and gut are connected. The both keep getting bigger. I see you're no stranger to this phenonom. Well done.
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