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Image Posted: 05/30/2007 @ 10:39am
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moustachio image for May 30th

I feel like I should be in a dr seuss book.

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Garcia says:
Couldn't get it to go back down, I see. I love the shadow so much that I think I might have peed a little.
spanish eddie says:
damn, dude. that is awe-inspiring
moustachio says:
I did too garcia. Technically, i took this after midnight so it still counts.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
crescent moon man for the win.
ben says:
this is phenomenal...
westerndave says:
it's like you're the lorax
ilikeschool says:
show us!
moustachio says:
lorax clame
mrash says:
it almost looks as if your shadow is turned sideways. maybe you have to chase your shadow like Peter Pan?
Katie says:
You and your shadow are just too cute. I didn't pee but I may have sighed deeply a time or two.
Winter Branch says:
you are a true professional...

there is still so much I need to learn!
trock says:
I like it!
jenkins says:
haha, that rocks! your shadow is gonna eat you, i would watch it like a hawk.
specialshoes says:
you are my moustache idol
mattyc says:
This is amazing. Your shadow looks like Mac Tonight, the old McDonalds Advertising Mascott.
chris says:
amazing...congrats sure
sMOUSTACHErman says:
Jesse says:
Your shadow almost looks like that awesome banana that does that peanut butter jelly dance thing.
haleryan says:
i don't know which is better, banana shadow or Mac Tonight. either way, this photo is amazing.
Dschonn says:
I don't know what to say, except that this is awesome.
Garcia says:
This is so much. It's so much. Congrats on this shot.
iammattthomas says:
this photo brings it, and then some. congratulations!
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