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moustachio image for May 31st

Bye Bye from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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moustachio says:
Clame for info on the tomb.

Just think how many great moustaches there must be buried in this park.
ben says:
see you later moustachio...i'll yell your direction next time i'm stationed in chicago.
moustachio says:
Please do.
Garcia says:
This is an amazing composition. It's been fun.
chris says:
wow...this is great...job well done this month
Other Andy says:
Very nicely done. Wish you could be there tonight. Chicago is cool and I've never been there so . . . .
Joe Stache says:
Mustachio... amazing sad to have to wake up tomorrow and not see the amazing stache!!!
specialshoes says:
fantastic...and it makes you look like some kinda wonderful mustachioed genie rising from a lamp.

great job this month juno!
trock says:
Excellent photo, as always! adios for now.
Olof Fock says:
cheers to the most powerful.
funkfinger says:
the eternal moustache - good stuff this month moustachi0
Centofante says:
noelix says:
Wonderful. Congrats on a stellar month.
haleryan says:
you were a most welcome addition to the party this year. thanks for participating.
mattyc says:
I agree with Haleryan, Most excellent addition. Most intense moustache on the site too.
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
Thank you for training me, oh wise one.
Dschonn says:
You've been a constant inspiration. Someday I hope to have such a wonderful moustache as you so proudly display. I also hope to become as skilled a photographer. I have far to go in both respects.
simcoe county chopper says:
You have inspired me to be more than just a man, but a man with a moustache.
Lisa says:
Moustache Awesomeness Moustachio! Will you be Whiskerino-ing?
moustachio says:
Lisa.... I want to.. but the stache has to stay. I'm going to tray to get mackle to create a seperate category for year round moustache brother ends.
Mr Magnifico says:
Dude i'll totally do a year-round thingamajig stache thing.

I'll miss seeing your pics.
Winter Branch says:
your stache is legendary..

one day when I'm old and dying I will tell my grandchildren about the great Moustachio and his stache that rivaled the gods!!!

jenkins says:
Hey, you're in DC?? Awesome. Anyway it's been fun! Yer definitely a legend, winter branch speaks the truth!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
take good care of that monster stache. see you next time around.
danielpaul says:
thanks for an awesome month- same stache time next year?
wonder_made says:
This is seriously intense. Definitely a strong showing these last days. Well done.
westerndave says:
best. stache. ever. my your stache live forever.
haleryan says:
you had some of the best photos of the month.
mattyc says:
adios moustachio it was nice knowing you.
Heath Who Hath His Stache says:
Vaya con Dios Sr. Moustachio, it's been well.
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