The Camaraderie of Those Who Appear Threatening to Children


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bout time for some stache wranglin!

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Garcia says:
Your facial expression is a thing of wonderful splendor. I guess I'll find out how the wranglin' turns out.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
Clubman. Minty and delicious.
Mackle says:
can you drum the entire show tomorrow with that expression on your face?
Mr. Ash says:
Did you get that at Sally's? I did.
Olof Fock says:
i think my face would freeze up, but that may be a good thing. i believe this wax was indeed purchased at sally's.
Fargus says:
that's taking it to a whole new level!
chris says:
your stache is doing the worm
moustachio says:
hog tie that thing.
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