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robbiefingers image for May 31st

Godspead MayStachers. I'm ready for a change...

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Garcia says:
A garden of shiny monies...Hark to the next, robbie. It's been a blast.
ben says:
nice shot...is that the bus fare to the throwdown?
chris says:
your stache is worth more than that
Centofante says:
great shot. goodbye, robbie. perhaps we'll cross paths at millers sometime.
mattyc says:
Can I borrow a quarter?
robbie fingers says:
if anyone can guess the exact amount of change used for this shot, I will award them all of it.
Fargus says:
i'll bet you've got somewhere between $3.18 and $1,342.72 on that there table.
trock says:
is that all the cash you got from people admiring your moustache?
jenkins says:
thats cool. lots of quarters! :) good month, sir!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
been raiding the wishing fountain again?

take care, duder.
robbie fingers says:
Fargus, you are correct. The total is indeed between those two numbers.
Noelix says:
Coinstar, here we come! See you next time, friend.
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