It's like having a little pet for your face.


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Garcia says:
This is looking more and more like a great gathering.
Katie says:
Those of 3 of the prettiest staches I've ever set eyes on.
thecontinuumtransfunctioner says:
Moustache class was a blast dude! Can you believe the crazy things that happened?
Party hard this summer and we'll see you next year.
ben says:
see you in the internet someday again...bye!
Nussy says:
wish I was there.
chris says:
i dig your watch & stache!
Other Andy says:
Sweet watch. Sweet stache. See you tonight.
JAson says:
Stache party! Wish i could be there. Very fine staches all around.
Stachefford says:
do you have dreds now?
Unit says:
Worzel Gummidge
westerndave says:
good times.
mattyc says:
in the smaller version I thought derble was holding up a message. That' would have been cooler. your stache is dark.
Nussy says:
bye guys. have a great time. thank you for the fun.
trock says:
nice finale
catfish says:
you look like you're getting ready to throw something at Mackle and Derble...and Mackle knows it. But Daniel - probably thinking about a cheeseburger or something. Totally not expecting it.
danielpaul says:
have a blast tonight!
wonder_made says:
Nice watch.
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