A moustache a day keeps the children away


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spanisheddie image for May 31st

i'll KILL you!

well, good-bye fellow moustachers. i'm going to miss this place.

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Garcia says:
DO iT! It can't shave you if it's dead! Been some great fun.
Mackle says:
careful, a punch to a shaver can be a bloody mess.
chris says:
fight is till the death...don't let them take that stache from ya
damnweather says:
reminds me of clame
spanish eddie says:
dw, that is a nice clame
otherandy says:
Take care of your self, se. Keep the stache!
Paragone says:
thats right. don't let it.
Paragone says:
Nice poster. See ya tonight.
jenkins says:
kick its ass seabass!
Zach Crackle Pop says:
it's been a wild ride, take care buddy.
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