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thecookieduster image for May 31st

Don't forget, you gotta keep the 'stache trimmed for the ladies.

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avg: 4.25

Katie says:
Actually, you don't.
Zach Crackle Pop says:
keep on stachin'
funkfinger says:
bye-bye cookie, be safe
Fargus says:
peace out.
Mr Magnifico says:
what he didn't say is that he drives that things for a living. or maybe not.
mattyc says:
You can dust my cookie anytime, in a totally non gay, non sexual, moustache only kinda way.
jenkins says:
keep the interceptor oiled up! have a good june, and the rest of the months as well.
Noelix says:
I love the shot here. Watch out for flying shirt buttons! Til next year.
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