It's like having a little pet for your face.


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goodbye moustached friends

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moustachio says:
At least your moustache is going to a better place. The open road. My moustache barely fits in my helmet.
Garcia says:
So long, father look-alike. You have a great time now, and keep that 'stache strong.
Centofante says:
i wish that was your moustache in the shadow
chris says:
c-ya trock...enjoy that ride
ben says:
have fun on the open road...wish i was on your bitch seat!
specialshoes says:
funkfinger says:
be safe trock. adios
Mr Magnifico says:
Everytime I see your new pics I still think of the impersation of catfish doing the impersonation and i laugh.

Hasta luego.
catfish says:
superb. I hope you'll be around in novemeber.
jenkins says:
farewell, adios, and take care! it's been a fun month!
ak says:
into the sunset?
the cookie duster says:
brilliant -- the stache blowing in the wind
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