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Joined on: May 01st, 2007 @ 2:50am
Image Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 1:48pm
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unit image for May 31st

I saw it out; but I'm really more of a beard man.

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Garcia says:
I agree with you, Unit, but it's been a great month. That's a fantastic 'stache.
chris says:
well good then...we shall see you in november
Unit says:
But, of course, Chris.
Mackle says:
i think you played it low key to keep from drawing attention from any local hooligans.
haleryan says:
this comment is very much out of place, but i found that post on TPID from awhile back about the Glasgow ice cream wars rather interesting. i forgot to tell you that.

how's the bmx?

take care of yourself buddy.
Paragone says:
Glad to see you here Ronnie. See you in November.
catfish says:
ditto & kudos for avoiding the brawls. see ya soon pal.
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