A moustache a day keeps the children away


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till next year

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Centofante says:
cheers x3. so long for now.
Fargus says:
Drink one for me.
upso says:
i'll drink one for everyone.
Mr Magnifico says:
ain't nothing wrong with the highlife.

drink two for me. i have a really fast digestive system.
specialshoes says:
nice tatts and i have truly appreciated the lip curl of your stache...until next year
Zach Crackle Pop says:
champagne o' beers right there. see ya dustin.
westerndave says:
there's a tear in your stache.
jenkins says:
word upso, keep up the good work. by work i mean beer drinking.
Noelix says:
I see you're coping with it like a man! See you next year.
moustachio says:
and when your done drinking mine... turn it into a bong. and do that.
haleryan says:
upso, take care. you do good things.
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